perjantai 25. toukokuuta 2018

MACS Researchers' Association's Privacy and Data Protection Statement

The latest changes in the EU privacy legislation will take effect as of May 25th, 2018. As you may already have noticed, some of these changes concern various associations' administration of their person registers, including membership information and mailing lists. Below, you can find all the basic information on how the Researchers' Association of the Department of Music, Art and Culture Studies handles the data it has of its members. Please contact the board members if you have any concerns regarding it.

Privacy and Data Protection Statement of the Researchers' Association of the Department of Music, Art and Culture Studies

The administrator of the person register
Musiikin, taiteen ja kulttuurin tutkimuksen laitoksen tutkijat ry (The Researchers' Association of the Department of Music, Art and Culture Studies, or MACS Researcher's Association)

The person in charge of the register information
The association's treasurer is responsible for keeping record of memberships.

The name of the register
The membership register of the Researchers’ Association of the Department of Music, Art and Culture Studies. The association's mailing list is based on the membership list.

What type of personal information the register includes
The names and email addresses of the association's current and past members.

Sources of this personal information
MACS researchers' association only collects personal information directly from its members, mostly upon the payment of the annual membership fee.

How the personal information is used
The association only has access to the following information:
- The members' names and email addresses

This information is only used for the following purposes:
- Recording, reporting and publicizing of the association's activities

- The association strives to protect its members' privacy to a reasonable extent in all the aforementioned spheres of activity.

The information is only stored under the following conditions:
- The members' information is only stored for as long as it serves the aforementioned purposes.
- The association does not archive outdated or unnecessary information of its members in any shape or form.

Right of inspection
All members of the association have the right to inspect all the personal information the association has of them, as decreed in the current Personal Data Act.

Correcting registered information
All members have the right to correct or update any and all of their personal information kept in the association's register. In order to correct their information, the members are asked to contact the association's current treasurer, preferably by email.

Right to be forgotten
All members have the right to request the removal of their personal information from the association's register. Valid reasons for such a removal include but are not limited to:
- the perception that such information is not (or no longer) necessary for the aforementioned purposes
- illegal or unauthorized use of the personal information.

Sharing personal information
The association does not share the information in their person register with any outside parties.

Persons with the access to the register information
Current board members of the association

How the register is protected

The membership list comprises of the electronic receipts of the annual membership payments, which are only accessible via the association's online bank account.

Other associated person registers
The association keeps a separate, more public record of its board members. The names and email addresses of the current board members are available, for instance, on the association's website (